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David Shaw (DBFC)David Shaw (DBFC)


DBFC fronted by Mancunian David Shaw and Parisian Dombrance, this Anglo-French outfit comes together as a four-way collective, not a band as such but more a club. Featuring alongside the duo come percussionist Guillaume Rossel and bassist Victor Paillet. Emerging via tastemaker label Her Majesty’s Ship last summer, the DBFC vision is entrenched within the French electronic music scene but, as witnessed on their debut for Different Recordings, ‘Get It All’, they succeeded in creating a sound that encompasses their multi-facetted talents.

‘Autonomic’ heralds its arrival inhabiting a more dance-orientated world and whilst eschewing elements of their previous single, sees DBFC evolve amidst a flurry of what they have been known to describe as “pyschotronica”. It comes accompanied by an alternate Mod Vision mix - hewn from the original and shaped with hues of Kraftwerk-ish techno courtesy of Dombrance and Shaw themselves.


2013/ David Shaw and The Beat - So It Goes The Dance Versions (Her Majesty’s Ship)

2012/ David Shaw and The Beat - So it Goes (Her Majesty’s Ship)


2016/ DBFC - Autonomic - Single (Different Recordings / PIAS)

2015/ DBFC - Get It All - Single (Different Recordings / PIAS)

2015/ DBFC - Staying Home - Single (Different Recordings / PIAS)

2014/ DBFC - Leave My Room - EP (Her Majesty’s Ship)

2014/ Cardini&Shaw - The Ballroom - EP (Correspondant)

2013/ David Shaw and The Beat - Sex Gang (Astro Lab Recordings)

2012/ David Shaw and The Beat - The Jackal - Single (Her Majesty’s Ship)

2012/ David Shaw and The Beat - Infected - Single (Her Majesty’s Ship)

2010/ Siskid - Gun Stubs - EP - Meant 007 (Meant)

2009/ Siskid - Wolves - EP - Meant 004 (Meant)

2009/ Animal Machine - Rumour Control - EP - Meant002 (Meant)

2008/ Siskid - She Has Reasonable Doubts - EP - Initial 023 (Initial Cuts)

2006/ Siskid - The Architect - EP - Initial 017 (Initial Cuts)

2005/ Siskid - Hummer - EP - Initial 014 (Initial Cuts)

2005/ Siskid - Clean Breakfast - EP - Initial 010 (Initial Cuts)


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Artist Photo
Artist Photo

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