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As any cool kid of the 90′s, Strip Steve grew up listening to californian punk, the passion more or less regular of skateboard, and the art of turntablism. Few scratches and a failure in a rap band after, he remembered how much Armand van Helden, Phoenix & Daft Punk’s videos he used to watch before “Yo MTV rap” started, torn unconsciously his sentimental life, and more his whole existence. He started mixing at 14 with his first turntables, and slowly made parties with his friends in his hometown Bordeaux that mixed every kind of music they found exciting, with always one purpose: that the people had fun very simply.

Falling in love with the German capital Steve moves from his mum’s house in Bordeaux, to Berlin to life as a free man and start concentrating on his music. During tea time and a short studio session with Boys Noize, Steve participates in the making of a track which will become a huge single (named “Jeffer”) of Ridha’s 2nd album called “Power”.

With a very strong culture and a very obvious talent, Strip Steve didn’t wait long before he distinguished himself from the Internetz crowdz, and proved that he’s surely here to stay. His ecstatic and rich productions put the lightspots of the electronic music lovers on him at lightspeed.
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Strip Steve "Money Trouble Funk (MASTERED)"
Album: Budde Music Recommends Vol. 4
Genres: Electronic, Pop
Strip Steve "AM_FM"
Album: Delta Disco EP
Genre: Electronic
Strip Steve "Children"
Album: Delta Disco EP
Genre: Electronic
Strip Steve "Dancin"
Album: Delta Disco EP
Genre: Electronic

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