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Miss LiMiss Li

Linda Carlsson

FROM Borlänge, Sweden



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The somewhat amazing story is widely known, but is worth repeating: One early morning in 2006, Linda Carlsson couldn´t sleep. She was lying awake thinking about buying a piano and start writing songs. She didn´t exactly know how to play a piano, but she decided that nothing was going to stop her this time.

Later that day, a brand new piano stood in her tiny apartment in Stockholm, where she recently had moved from her birthplace Borlänge, and she instantly started writing songs under the name Miss Li.

Already a few months later she came in contact with the label National and that autumn in 2006 she released the first album Late night heartbroken blues. She was so inspired and the following year she released yet another two albums (God put a rainbow in the sky and Songs of a rag doll) all within one year, plus a Best ofcompilation (including a bonus CD with 8 previously unreleased tracks) with the best songs from that first year. She had also found the perfect producer and songwriting partner in Sonny Boy Gustafsson, who also jouined the live act. Together with Sonny and the rest of the band she toured the whole world with that jazzy, uptempo pop they were playing which had become the signature for Miss Li. She also had a huge hit (Om du lämnar mig nu) together with Lars Winnerbäck, Swedens most popular male-singer at the time, and the song is still a top-10 hit after 5 years on the charts.
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Miss Li "Are You Happy Now?"
Album: Beats & Bruises
Genres: Alternative, Pop
Miss Li "Arrested"
Album: Beats & Bruises
Genres: Alternative, Pop
Miss Li "Billy's Got A Gun"
Album: Beats & Bruises
Genres: Alternative, Pop
Miss Li "Devil's Taken Her Man"
Album: Beats & Bruises
Genres: Alternative, Pop

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