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Alle FarbenAlle Farben

Frans Zimmer

FROM Berlin


Guesstimate / Synesthesia / B1 & Sony


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Where the journey is headed: constantly towards success

Gigs in front of 60,000 people, 2.5 million singles sold, four nominations for the renowned German radio award 1LIVE Krone, three nominations for an ECHO Award and a 2017 ECHO win in the category “Dance National”, and the pole position in German airplay three times in a row: The career of the internationally successful DJ Alle Farben has not reached its peak by a long shot. But how do you pull off a rocket launch like this – and manage to keep the booster firing?
Shibuya Love by Lexy & Autotune – if you had to name one track that laid the foundation for his career, it’s this one. It’s the year 2002 and Alle Farben is 17 years old when he stumbles over a few old vinyl records in his hallway at home. Belonging to ‘generation CD’, he is fascinated by the medium vinyl, its rough authenticity, and electronic music’s broad sound range. From now on, he spends his time in Berlin’s record stores, browsing house and disco sounds. When it isn’t enough anymore to listen to music at home, he puts together his first mixtape. Initially meant for his ears only, he eventually uploads his sets to SoundCloud. At the same time, a shop owner notices him – in a rather analog way – at a street festival. The owner likes what he hears and asks the young DJ if he wants to perform at his shop in Berlin. You bet he does! From now on, Alle Farben has weekly bookings in Berlin’s LGBT scene, his popularity grows quickly and bigger and bigger gigs follow, taking him beyond the LGBT scene.
And then? Then came Traktor Scratch. And increasingly the Internet. In combination, those two mainly meant one thing: unlimited access to the world’s biggest music collection! Taking his hard
earned money to record stores is no longer a thing. The new software and the Internet unlock the whole range of music – at any time and at any price. While Alle Farben discovers an even greater music world, the world discovers him. His SoundCloud uploads become popular everywhere, and for a time he is the most streamed artist worldwide. And success doesn’t slow down. A proof in numbers:
ALL his singles enter the German airplay charts’ Top 10. Only Thing We Know stays at number ONE for FIVE consecutive weeks, hit successor Fading ranks at the airplay charts’ top position for over a
month. He scores more than TEN gold, platinum and diamond awards for his past six singles. Alle Farben is an artist, who may think in colors – however, definitely not within boundaries. Different genres, live musicians, vocalists and venues: There’s nothing he can’t imagine. He has performed shows in the jungle of Thailand or in an airplane above the clouds. Just as legendary are his 6 Stunden Sessions (Six Hour Sessions). The title is a promise: 8000 people are dancing, while Alle Farben spins records for six hours straight. He is supported by an array of artists, who he invites on stage hourly: be it vocalists, classically trained musicians, or unexpected instrumentalists – Alle Farben loves to surprise his audience. Everything can happen – apart from one thing: boredom. Alle Farben will continue to surprise with his third studio album, dropping in early 2019. Sticker On My Suitcase displays a huge and meanwhile also important aspect of his life: traveling. Having been on tour constantly over the past years, he learned that the destination is not always the goal. And that traveling is more than just getting from one place to another. “Being on the road is just as much my life as is arriving at places.” Alle Farben and his team elaborately produced the video for his newest single Fading in Los Angeles. Yet again: another sticker on his suitcase, another journey that shows: The destination is the journey itself – en route towards success.
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