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Emanuel Bender a.k.a. Lavid is a Berlin-based Producer and Songwriter who started his producing career with his Electronic/Dubstep project "Drift Static" around 2013 with several successful unofficial remixes for Awolnation (over 1 Mio collected plays) and Monsters and Men (over 600.000 collected plays) and multiple Hypemachine #1 placings.

He plays several Instruments (Violin since age of 6, Piano, Guitar, Drums) that influence his writing in a way, where he is able to join multiple genres and influences into a coherent new style. While developing his sound, he studied Film-Music Composition at Jazz&Pop ArtEZ and did several Producing workshops, while mainly aggravating all the aspects of writing and producing music in any given genre auto-didactically.

In 2015 he started working at Riverside Studios Berlin where he started writing and producing acclaimed songs for i.e. Alle Farben - "No Ordinary" (6.8 Mio plays on Spotify) and Dillistone - "Sad and High" (3.2 Mio on Soundcloud) and more, as well as several International TV ads (BMW, AUDI,TOYOTA) and music for Feature Films.

His upcoming project 'Lavid' is going to release a track-by-track EP partly co-produced with artists like filous, Mount and Fabich and will feature many different Vocalists like Frida Amundsen, and klei.


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