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Marcus Layton is a Berlin-based artist, producer and DJ. After producing highly acclaimed remixes and producing for Rihanna, Coldplay, Kosheen, Rosenstolz and many others, Marcus focuses on his own work. Since he started his career this notorious sound researcher turned out to be a real DIY professional taking control of every detail of his extraordinary work. Marcus Layton knows best how modern electronic and dance music sounds and how to achieve it in the studio: a pure vision of infectious electronic music he continues to create to this day.

Writing and recording radio potential, deep and emotional smashes is not good enough for this Berlin based musician, producer and remixer. Layton loves to mix different contrasts and styles in order to re-invent his immediately recognisable signature sound. He combines the best of both worlds: the missing link between the world of dance and mainstream 'feel-good' sounds. Testing all boundaries with his extremely emotional electro-meets-pop-hybrid, Layton is a fearless dare-devil delivering an exciting opposite to today´s predictable radio dullness.

Marcus Layton is out to break up styles and shift sounds in order to create his very own music: charismatic dance music inspired by the creative chaos on the buzzing streets of his Berlin-Kreuzberg homebase and studio; a multi cultural hotspot for every kind of artist, outlaw and hedonist striving for new creative challenges. Marcus Layton invites his listeners on a fascinating trip; no matter if they be in bigger clubs, at festivals, or even listening on headphones at home – high energy and pure emotion co-join to create an amazingly new style.

Marcus Layton’s debut single "For You" reached more than 13 million streams on Spotify and he recently produced remixes for artists like UK based Izzy Bizu ("White Tiger" over 15 million plays) and swedish singer-songwriter and wunderkind Frans, who won #5 place representing Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. The second single "Cold in California" reached in the beginning over 12 million Spotify streams and millions of plays on all other platforms as well. The summer-song entered the radio Top 50 charts in Germany and was a great success for Marcus in 2016.
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