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Luisa Kutza (L.U.S.H.A)Luisa Kutza (L.U.S.H.A)


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Luisa Kutza aka. Lusha has established herself as a well known and demanded Songwriter. In 2013 she moved to Berlin to study music production at the HDPK Institute. After finishing her professional education in music production, the most recent leap in her music career was signing a publishing deal with Budde Music. Luisa did already start out as a Songwriter for numerous international acts. In her broad network of music producers, composer and major labels, she is known for her professionality and strict yet genial working ethics. Her experience and professional approach is a high demanded resource for many artists acquired in songwriting camps such as Alle Farben and YOUNOTUS.
Since 2016 she builds up a catalogue of songs amongst which some are still looking for the right artist/outlet to be launched.
In her many international collaborations, Luisa supplied proof for an outstanding performance as a Lyricist. Her melodies are well known to be a warrant for immediate success with the audience. In her sincere, intricate and neat way Luisa’s toplines make for many artists the difference that turns a finished production into a radio-shattering top viral song release.

Luisa worked with songwriters/artists and producers like: Abbaz, Hitimpulse, John P*nut Harrison, Phillip Albinger (Mukasa), Axel Ehnström, Jan van der Torn, Jimmy Harry, Dominik Walenciak, Oliver Som, Mark Hiller, Moonboy Inc, Snöt, Aletta, Miloš Angelov, Leo Jupiter, Younotus, twocolors, Set Mo, Dillistone, Rookley, Hannah V, Evy, Udo Mechels and Privé, ...

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