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Ricardo Munoz RepkoRicardo Munoz Repko

FROM Hamburg / Germany


Ricardo Muñoz is a half Spanish half Dutch multi-platinum award-winning producer & songwriter currently based in Hamburg, Germany.

He co-wrote and produced tracks and remixes for various artists including Helene Fischer (Helene Fischer), Adel Tawil (So Schön Anders), Rea Garvey (NEON), Sasha (Schlüsselkind), Glasperlenspiel (Licht & Schatten), Thomas Anders (Pures Leben) and many more. In 2017 he co-produced the fastest selling album of the past 15 years in Germany for Helene Fischer.
Munoz grew up in Holland and in 2015 moved back to Germany where he became owner of the Boogie Park Studios in Hamburg. Since then he has been working together with Patrick Salmy, his songwriting & producer partner. Together they’ve started a Pop-EDM act called KYNDER which will launch in 2018.
His musical diversity, doing Pop, Rock, EDM, Folk, German Schlager to Country, is not least due to his different roots and owed to his living environment traveling from Sweden to California doing sessions with international songwriters and producers like Mitch Allan (Nickelback, Daughtry, Tokio Hotel), Jamie Houston (Santana, Aerosmith, Snow Patrol) and Macho Psycho (Pink, Justin Timberlake, Jessie J).

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