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Konstantin Scherer (Djorkaeff)Konstantin Scherer (Djorkaeff)

FROM Berlin

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Konstantin Scherer, born Berlin 1985, has been been a music lover since childhood and, beginning with early music classes he consequently expanded his musical knowledge rapidly by collecting heaps of vinyl and spinning for his friends. Later, during his school years, he began translating influences gained from his by now vast vinyl collection into the creation of real compositions and importantly made his first contact with the local hip-hop scene. He achieved his first chart success with a track for Aggro Berlin.

At the tender age of 19 he signed a publishing deal agreement with Budde Music and shortly afterward hooked up with Vincent Stein. Together they are now writer/producer partners in crime. Thanks to a free flowing creative process and incredible work ethic the pair have thus far written and produced many hits.

Konstantin „Djorkaeff“ Scherer today composes successful singles and albums for various German hip-hop and pop artists and this year (2010) celebrated his first international No.1 in Japan.

In November 2010 he travelled to New York to collaborate with top U.S. song writers composing for international artists during a four week song camp.

Previous co-operations:

Adel Tawil, Asek, Azad, Bass Sultan Hengzt, Bintia, Bushido, Cassandra Steen, Culcha Candela, Dra-Q, Fler, Franky Kubrick, Frauenarzt, Godsilla, Greckoe, High Society, I Luv Money Sampler II 2008, Jubeko & Djorkaeff pres. 360 Grad pt2 Sampler 2004, Kay One,King Orgasmus One, Kitty Kat, MC Basstard, MOK, Prinz Pi, Samy Deluxe, SektenMuzik, Serafinale, Sido


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Artist Photo

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