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Moritz Pirker aka Nvie Motho is one of Germany’s most promising newcomer producers in the urban, pop and electronic music field. After his studies at Vienna University of Music and performing Art he quickly found himself in studios with big austrian artists like Gerard or Universal signed singer Julien le Play.

He produced songs for artists such as OK Kid (Four Music), Chefket (Vertigo/Capitol), Liam X (Virgin) or Zugezogen Maskulin (Four Music).
Moritz is DJing for the German multi platinum rappers RAF Camora, Bonez MC and 187 Straßenbande. Additionally they’re working on new albums coming out this year.

Besides that, Moritz also produces music for brands such as Audi, Hyundai and Maxi King.

He has lately been working with producers and songwriters like Woodro Skillson (Kid Cudi, Chance the Rapper), Fahrenheit (Drake, J. Cole), David Sneddon (Lana Del Rey, Hurts), Alle Farben, Be Charlotte, Yellow Mello and Charlotte OC.

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