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Since 2007, Dario Rojo Guerra has explored a blend of soulful melody and off- the-grid beats as Flako. Originally driven by a love for instrumental hip hop, his early MPC sketches were built from a warm, organic sound driven by Latin percussion reflecting his German-Chilean heritage. After releasing several records on Project: Mooncircle and Eglo Records, Guerra formed a longstanding relationship with London’s Five Easy Pieces label, which issued his debut album, Natureboy, in 2015. Two years on from the release of his debut album Dario Rojo Guerra, aka Natureboy Flako, is back with a new six-song EP on Five Easy Pieces. Guerra is always searching for balance, in both his life and his music. Whether he’s composing in his Berlin studio or performing live, Guerra is constantly exploring contrasting tempos, textures and moods. This theme of balance is explored in his most recent release, Natureboy Flako, a self-titled EP in which Guerra unites his work as Flako with the natural themes of the Natureboy identity explored in his debut album.

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