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Three years ago Italian born singer/songwriter Caterina Barbieri (alias MissinCat) packed her bags and moved to artist mecca Berlin, where she locked herself away in a recording studio with guitars, microphones and not much else, to create her stunning debut albu
m " Back On My Feet". Critics took to her work immediately: her songs are intimate and honest, arranged in a very sparse but intense way, true to her mantra "quiet is the new loud". She was signed by indie label Revolver and first single "Back On My Feet" became a surprise radio hit with Nintendo choosing it for its 2009 German television campaign. Her infectious songs also caught the attention of Amy Winehouse who asked her to support her on her German tour. 2010 has seen MissinCat constantly touring Europe, Australia and USA , where she played SXSW.
In October 2010 MissinCat travelled to Stockholm, working with Swedish producer Sonny Boy Gustafsson (Miss Li) on her forthcoming new album 'WOW' , which will be released in Germany early 2011.
With this collection she has explored new sounds and musical arrangements taking her songs into different areas of musicality but retaining her distinguished original style.
This time out MissinCat’s charming voice is accompanied by banjos, horns, mellotron, strings, pianos and celestas...On WOW MissinCat also duets with the Swedish singer Miss Li and again with the Italian singer-songwriter Dente.
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MissinCat "Absent Minded"
Album: Back On My Feet
Genre: Pop
MissinCat "Again"
Album: Back On My Feet
Genre: Pop
MissinCat "Back On My Feet"
Album: Back On My Feet
Genre: Pop
MissinCat "Everything"
Album: Back On My Feet
Genre: Pop

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Artist Photo

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