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Pablo DecoderPablo Decoder

FROM Berlin / Germany, London / UK

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Pablo Decoder….part man, part guitar riff, part music making machine.

Hailing from Cadiz, Spain, living in Berlin and with a voice and song-writing sensibility that is remarkably British in tone, it would be fair to say that Pablo is an artist part of the zeitgeist of a 21st century Europe.

He blurs the lines between what a listener would expect to hear from these respective countries: minimal, clinical rhythms of German techno mars with the best tongue-in-cheek sarcasm of UK indie/pop, coated with southern Mediterranean soul that the Spanish seem to vocalize with such ease.

His forthcoming album “When We Fall Down” is a perfect exercise in this, and works as a 50- minute blast of audio entertainment and a symbol of the melting pot of ideas that come to fruition so well in modern Europe.

“I asked Pablo to sing on my ‘Losers’ album because I love his voice, and the attitude he brings to a track,” says Eddy Temple Morris (Gung Ho, Virgin Records), “His new album is wonderfully interesting because it represents ‘the future’ in that Pablo is Spanish-born, and lives between Berlin and the UK, he has a pan-European sensibility…music made by a modern European, for the rest of the World!”

Creatively reacting and growing alongside many differing music scenes, Pablo has been involved with releases from labels including Champion, Dim Mak, Solid, Kitsune, Southern Fried, Spirit Recordings, Big & Dirty, Azuli Records and Big In Ibiza. He has his own label, Minimal Kidz, releasing tech-house tracks which have perked up the ears of Laurent Garnier, Sharooz, Jesse Rose, Oliver $ for starters.

Live, Pablo Decoder masters the difficult tightrope walk of the intimate and epic. Joined on stage by the lovely Lotte Fahlen, a classically trained Scandinavian pianist and singer, on synth and backing vocals – the two share a delicacy and playfulness that only young lovers can. Meanwhile, the live “oomph” that gig-goers crave is in full supply with a cacophony of electronic artillery and guitar… the pair are already wowing crowds across various music haunts of Europe.

Multi-talented, multi-genre’d, Pablo moves to his own rhythm. A musician’s musician, and a performer not to be missed.

Debut album “When We Fall Down” has just been signed by hip Berlin-based Snowhite Records, home to Zoot Woman, The Shoes and The Sounds…due for a Spring 2011 release!

‘Great song writing underpinned with quirky electronics. Top top TOP album!!’ Autokratz (Kitsune, Universal)
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Pablo Decoder "Gotta Get Out"
Album: Budde Music Recommends Vol. 2
Genre: Pop
Pablo Decoder "Sometimes Lonely"
Album: Budde Music Recommends Vol. 3
Genre: Pop
Pablo Decoder "Stockholm (Acoustic Studio Version)"
Album: Stockholm Single
Genres: Alternative, Electronic, Pop

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