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Fil Bo Riva is an artist who is impossible to pigeonhole. The moniker for Italian
born Filippo Bonamici, it is not what you would call a regular band; it’s more of a
project, combining the talents of two close friends – Bonamici and guitarist Felix
A. Remm – that crafts alternative pop gems possessed of a breezy confidence and
assurance. And with the announcement of highly anticipated debut album
Beautiful Sadness with thirteen timeless, heartfelt and classic songs for March
2019, alongside a European tour, Fil Bo Riva stands ready to shape and evolve the
project into something truly special.
With Fil growing up in Rome and moving to Ireland in his early teens, his musical
education formed and developed gradually, pushing him to move to Berlin in
2012. After some years of studies and musical abstinence, the city finally brought
new inspirations and positive distractions which shaped his songwriting and gave
him the motivation to start the project in early 2015. Some first demos caught the
attention of producer Robert Stephenson with whom the two went into the studio
to record their first EP „If You’re Right, It’s Alright“. The Berlin based project
started getting attention soon after the release of the first single „Like Eye Did“ in
2016 and multiple European supports, including Matt Corby and Milky Chance.
And all the while, Fil Bo Riva kept working on the album and teasing fans with new
music, readying what they knew would be their defining musical statement.
His vision was simple – craft songs that would sound fresh and relevant for more
than just a few years. He’s keen to stress the importance that both Remm and
Stephenson had in this regard, helping to shape his music and develop ideas,
coaxing out the soul of each track. “I see it almost as a mix between a solo project
and a band. Without them, the music would have sounded very different indeed.”
Alongside these two companions, Fils Italian heritage plays an equally important
role in the manifestation of his musical vision, one of his dreams being to prove
that artists from Italy – or from anywhere else – can succeed on their own terms
in international markets without downplaying their roots. Now, aged 26, and the
author of such an assured collection of songs, it’s a dream he’s surely about to
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Fil Bo Riva "Go Rilla"
Genres: Alternative, Pop, R&B, Rock, Singer / Songwriter, Soul
Stimmung: Danceable
Instrumental: Nein
Fil Bo Riva "Go Rilla [Acoustic]"
Album: Beautiful Sadness
Instrumental: Nein

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