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Jimmy TorrioJimmy Torrio
Jeremias aka Jimmy Torrio, is the musical genius behind the hits from Haftbefehl, Ufo361, RIN, Capo and Nimo. His sound is rough and the embodiment of German trap and he's only just now catching fire! Originally from the north of Germany, Jimmy became interested in German Hip Hop quite late: it all began, when he was 16 and was casually experimenting with beats by trying out basic production programs.
After moving to Hamburg and then his initial entry into in the music industry, he was already reaping his first big success: Jimmy Torrio produced beats for the album "Russisch Roulette" by Haftbefehl – that was his steping stone to the world of Hip Hop. Hits like "Nie Wieder" by Nimo and "Ich Hör Nicht Auf" by Ufo361 followed. The 25-year old has now made the transition many dream of – from being an amateur home now creating beats for German Hip Hop giants.

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