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At the tender age of 5, Xaver Böhm was already dreaming about becoming a film composer. He started with piano-and violin-lessons very early, as well as practicing drawing, which led him to start doing his first short films and highlighting these with his own music.

Today he has become a self-employed illustrator and director with succsessful projects such as his graduating movie "Roadtrip" and projects for The New York Times and music videos. His love for creating film music has also been flourishing further: "Composing music for a movie is like transforming into a chameleon and adapting to this specific
genre." From jazz to 70's pop - Xaver enjoys the challenge of finding his own voice within already existing genres and creating versatile music.

Now entering the world of cinema, Xaver recently released his featurefilm debut "O Beautiful Night", for which he has produced the soundtrack together with film composer Paul Eisenach.

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