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Andy Posdziech (Any Given Day)Andy Posdziech (Any Given Day)
Andy Posdziech has made himself a name as the bandleader, guitarrist and songwriter of the metal band ANY GIVEN DAY. Although hailing from Germany, ANY GIVEN DAY are living the American dream. Founded in 2012, they gained broad interest in 2014 with their debut, „My Longest Way Home“ (Official German album charts: #28), boldly stated being more than just an internet phenomenon with 2016’s „Everlasting“ (#14 on the charts). ANY GIVEN DAY are also looking back on countless tours and shows with the likes of CALIBAN, BURY TOMORROW or TRIVIUM on stages of every size.
Their third album „Overpower“ shows how they have have perfected their unique blend of unruly brutality, compelling melodies and unbelievable catchiness. One thing is for – ANY GIVEN DAY are here to stay.

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