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André Heldt
Laura Daedelow
Steffi Tesch

FROM Berlin, Germany


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Berlin has always been known for it’s fast pace - the word “deceleration” certainly doesn’t
spring to mind, when describing it. Everything seems to need to be done quickly, under
pressure and stand out above everything else.
For this reason it is so impressive, that CHILDREN, while creating their debut album “Leaving
Home” in Berlin, have managed to distance themselves from the Berlin-Hype and have taken a
far less excited perspective. Laura, Steffi and André, who have been friends since their
childhood, moved from the tranquil Neustrelitz to Berlin six years ago. They took with them the
best properties from their hometown: to not have to be part of everything, to be able to take a
step back and a healthy amount of naivety.
Minimal electronic beats meet clear guitar and bass lines in addition to piano and synthesiser
sounds on “Leaving Home”. The songs seem tidy, but never sterile. André writes most of the
music, proving his attention for detail and feeling for dynamic. Steffi and Laura carry the music
with their vocals, singing beautifully about home, friendship and curiosity, without trying to be
cute. With lines like “No beauty will last, no future will fit, we just own the past, that's the beauty
of it" they sound mellow and confident without seeming arrogant.
What is left is slow motion like, clever pop music for clubs you love going to, for the sunsets
after a long night out and the walk home. CHILDREN have shown the special energy of their live
shows supporting the likes of Abbey, Hundreds, Me and My Drummer and playing at Fusion
Festival. Though having crowd funded “Leaving Home” they have now proven themselves. It’s
great that CHILDREN have left home. You have to hand it to Berlin: a record like this one would
probably not have been created in Neustrelitz.

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