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She came out of nowhere and went straight to the top of the European charts. Anna Naklab is none of those who already composed songs at the age of kindergarten and Anna Naklab did not spent her time as a teenager being locked into her room in order to learn at least three instruments. Ok, Anna had a guitar and wrote her first lyrics at the age of 13, but apart from that she was a normal and happy teenager in the German state Lower Saxony.

However, since Anna Naklab made her own interpretation of Reamonn’s „Supergirl“ – and made it ready for the charts and dancefloors together with Alle Farben and YOUNOTUS – people in Germany and Europe know who the 23-yearld-old is. The track not only hit top 10 chart positions in several European countries, but also received Platinum in Germany and Poland, and Gold in Austria, Switzerland and Spain.
While people in Germany discovered the young singer with the powerful voice in 2015, fans of tasteful electronic music in Great Britain, the Netherlands and Australia already knew her. In 2013 Anna had recorded „Wicked Game“ by Chris Isaak in a new version called „Wicked Games“ together with DJ and producer Parra for Cuva,. The track peaked the British charts on position 6 and awarded Platinum in the Netherlands and Australia.
Although Anna already knows how it feels to have a shiny record in her hands - she doesn’t regard herself as an interpret only but also as a songwriter. „Swept Away“ and „Something Near“ are already two released tracks written by Anna herself. Her new single „Whole“ is thought to make this journey being continued. The two new tracks „Whole“ and „Circles Around the Sun“, which is written by Anna herself, have been released on the 4th of march.
At the end of the year 2016 Anna released her new single “Coming Up” on Rasion Music with its high potential as always. With relaxed synths, shimmering bells and heartwarming lyrics "Coming Up" delivers the perfect song for the colder times of the year. Ideal for a cup of tea, cookies and a warm coat!

After "Coming Up" in December 2016 the second trick follows quick and stands there for a fresh start, perfectly fitting for the first quarter of 2017. With her new single "Future Me", which is going to be released in February, Anna Naklab is releasing a hymn for the personal development and the progress of one's own after traveling back into the past. "Future Me" is meanwhile the sixth track in Naklab's repertoire, which is again showing another facet of her musical expressiveness.
3 Tracks gefunden
Anna Naklab "Coming Up"
Album: Coming Up - Single
Genre: Pop
Instrumental: Nein
Anna Naklab "Future Me"
Album: Future Me Single
Genre: Pop
Stimmung: Relaxing
Instrumental: Nein
Anna Naklab "Whole"
Album: Whole - Single
Genre: Pop
Moods: Active, Bright
Instrumental: Nein


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Artist Photo
Artist Photo

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