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Julian GanzerJulian Ganzer

FROM Berlin / Germany

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Julian Ganzer has been in love with music ever since he received his first keyboard at the age of eleven, when he attempted multitrack recordings of his songs with his tiny cassette player. Julians passion for the technical side of music production has always fascinated him and is the major influence of his personal production style through a wide variety of technical techniques and knowledge he is able to unlock his creativity. A passion that was fueled by the humble beginning of most big time producers of today: saving pocket money to buy records in their early teens, which gradually leads to a basic home studio setup.

His „bedroom studio“ was no ordinaary one, as his first release arose on the powerhouse Electronic music label, Get Physical Music, in the form of a remix for Booka Shade in 2006. Since then, his productions have followed a quality over quantity ethics with select releases and remixes on Get Physical Music, Dutch based ThirtyOneTwenty, Thomas Schumachers’ Spielzeug and Meerestief. In 2009 Julian co-founded with his good friends and fellow students, the Electronic-Funk band „BÄMS!“ A playground for him to apply his knowledge of audio engineering, while exploring the world of live music.

Julian has lended his musical and technical expertise as a producer and engineer for such artists as, Moby, Mando Diao, Rosenstolz, Booka Shade, M.A.N.D.Y. and Electrochemie to name a few. Being thoroughly in-demand allows Julian the time to live the dream of many as a full-time musician, while operating the music studio, Studio Kreuzberg, with his friend and partner, Kenji Tanaka.

Currently, Julian is diligently preparing a solo live show that will consist of several technical toys, which aims to fuse different textures of Electroíc music with a focus on Detroit rooted Techno and modern House music.


Releases / Remixes:

Julian Ganzer & Ola - Opposition & Superstition, 2010, Get Physical Music

Lazy Hartz Club - I Want It (incl. remixes by Chris Carrier and E-Contact), 2010, ThirtyOneTwenty

Ganzer & Niggemann - Char (incl. Remix by Jeff Bennet), 2009, Meerestief

Rosenstolz - Blaue Flecken (Khord..s Boys Don..t Cry Remix), 2009, Universal Music

Lopazz - 2 Fast 4 U (Julian Ganzer Remix), 2008, Get Phyiscal Music

Thomas Schumacher - Pink Boots (Khord Remix), 2008, Spielzeug Schallplatten

Booka Shade - Darko (Ganzer & Niggemann Remix), 2006, Get Physical Music

Several productions for:

Moby, Mando Diao, Booka Shade, Rosenstolz, M.A.N.D.Y., Thomas Schumacher, Elektrochemie, DJ T., Lopazz, BÄMS!, KHORD, Heidi, Mantu, Tu.ssy, Roman Fischer, ZPYZ, Perky Park, Universal Music, Get Physical Music and other...
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