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Known as the American 50% of the 14 year old Anglo-American Indie-Folk duo Rue Royale, Brookln Dekker is also now a solo artist under the surname-moniker Dekker. Brookln has been the principle songwriter for the band over the years but writing on behalf of the duo, from a collective-perspective.
Dekker now sees Brookln writing from a hopeful and more personal perspective. He’s currently releasing his album Slow Reveal by slowly revealing it one song at a time.

He just recently released the single "Hands Clean", Dekker’s sixth song from his Slow Reveal album experience. Over a swelling rhythm, his falsetto vocals resolutely implore us to choose hope over fear, love over hate. "I wrote 'Hands Clean' in March just after we were all plunged into this weird new world. It was a therapeutic exercise and the lyrics were initially me talking to me but I'm excited to share this with you and I hope that it somehow helps you as well."
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Dekker "A Pardon A Transcendental Way [Instrumental]"
Album: A Pardon A Transcendental Way - Single
Genre: Folk
Instrumental: Yes
Dekker "Tethered Wrapped Around [Instrumental]"
Album: Tethered Wrapped Around - Single
Genre: Folk
Instrumental: Yes

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