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Valerie SchillerValerie Schiller

FROM Vienna / Austria

At the age of 14 Valerie can already be found on stage continuously and has signed her first record deal. Valerie has been singing, writing and collecting melodies ever since she was able to speak. The singer studied jazz singing at the Conservatory in Vienna. Since she first appeared in the Austrian charts with her band (c-bra)
in 1998, Valerie can be found there regularly, the last time for 29 weeks with the hit « Regen » (« Rain »).

Valerie´s music has the multi-faceted character of chansons and makes use of different music genres. Edith Piaf, Hilde Knef, Jaques Brel
and the song-tradition around Gerhard Bronner have influenced her work. As an entertainer live-concerts are her elixir of life.

Soft once, wild the next, but always precise. Her humorous, poetic thoughtful and vital lyrics - penned by Valerie alone as well as in collaboration with different writers - are often critical in a playful way. The melodies are catchy, making you sing along but the words with their ironic-sarcastic twist might get stuck in your throat...
Valerie manages the balancing act between art and commerce: She is telling stories.

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