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Sleep Party People (Brian Batz)Sleep Party People (Brian Batz)

FROM Kopenhagen (Denmark)


Brian Batz


Sleep Party People is the brainchild and solo project of Brian Batz, a Danish multi-instrumentalist with a boundless imagination.
Taking as inspiration the work of Boards Of Canada, David Lynch and Erik Satie, Batz found the sound of the old battered piano in his apartment, coupled with a freaky electronic alteration of his recorded voice, created an eerie, hypnotic sound.
With his other worldly signature sound in place, this one-man home recording project started to take shape back in 2008, the collection of weird and haunting melodies he created forming the basis for Sleep Party People’s self-titled debut album (2010).
Back home in Denmark electronic pioneer Trentemøller showed his approval by offering SPP a slot on his sold out tour - followed by The Antlers and Efterklang pledging allegiance asking SPP to join them as support on their Scandinavian outings. Appearances at Roskilde Festival, By:larm and Eurosonic along with an extensive European tour and a lot of views on Youtube further cemented Sleep Party People’s burgeoning reputation.

The overall atmosphere Brian fashioned, one that evokes the disorientating world between being asleep and awake, wasn’t a conscious effort. “I’ve always been a huge fan of instrumental ambient music, but I never felt that I should throw myself into making such music, but when I started the process I really got the taste of it and began to love the blend between the organic and digital world.”


2010: Sleep Party People,

2012: We were drifting on a sad song

2014: Floating


­ Over 76.000 Facebook Fans at the moment

­ Almost 5 million youtube plays with "I'm Not Human At All"

­ 30.000 individual Spotify listeners monthly
"Chin" with over 1.5 million Spotify plays so far
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Sleep Party People (Brian Batz) "10 Feet Up"
Album: Sleep Party People
Genres: Electronic, Pop
Sleep Party People (Brian Batz) "An Iris Pseudacorus [Instrumental]"
Album: Sleep Party People
Genres: Electronic, Pop
Instrumental: Yes
Sleep Party People (Brian Batz) "An Iris Pseudocorus"
Album: Sleep Party People
Genres: Electronic, Pop


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