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Duncan TownsendDuncan Townsend

FROM Nottingham (England), Hamburg (Germany)

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Duncan was born in the Middle East and travelled a lot as a child. He spent his teenage years in Nottingham, mostly writing songs and playing in bands. He went on to study theatre in London and puppetry in Barcelona, before chasing a German girl to Cologne, then ultimately landing penniless and heartbroken on Hamburg’s red-light district where he found work as a live musician. His first official release – a duet with German pop star Nena – was a chart success in several European countries and lead to three solo albums and numerous other releases, all of which have been well received by critics and have brought extensive experience as a live musician.

As a songwriter, Townsend has now contributed to six #1 albums in European territories and holds two gold discs for songs such as X-factor winning “Shooting Stars & Fairytales”. His music has been featured in several major advertising campaigns and he starred in Lufthansa’s European-wide Premium Economy TV Ad Campaign as himself. Duncan also works as a voice-over artist, presenter, translator, librettist and author of fiction.

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