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Kelvin Jones was born 1995 in Chitungwiza, Simbabwe. When he was nine years old, his family moved to England.

He grew up there in Stevenage, which is located west from London.

Kelvin started playing the guitar already as a child after his brother wanted one and started also to play. 2013 he started to compose his first own songs and play them live.
His breakthrough was 2014, when a friend of Kelvin posted one of his songs (“Call you home”) on the internet-platform The Song got over 1 million clicks in just 24 hours and was played in the US-morning show Good Morning America.
After that Jones moved to Berlin and signed a contract with the Sony sub label Four Music. His first album (“Stop The Moment”) was released there in october 2015.


Call You Home – 2015 – Single

Stop The Moment – 2015 -Album


September 2015: Played at New Pop Festival in Baden-Baden.

September 2015: Played at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg.

October 2015: Played at ARD-Morgenmagazin in Berlin.
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Kelvin Jones "Call You Home (Faul & Wad Ad Remix)"
Album: Call You Home (Remixes)
Genres: Pop, R&B, Soul
Mood: Stressful
Kelvin Jones "Call You Home (Hedonism Mix)"
Album: Call You Home (Remixes)
Genre: Pop
Kelvin Jones "Call You Home (Hedonism Mix) [Instrumental]"
Album: Call You Home (Remixes)
Genres: Pop, R&B, Soul


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