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Angry Mob has a bold and impassioned resolve. We’re here to make sure that as a talented, driven songwriter, artist, or composer, you have the freedom and support you need to succeed. We’ll manage the business of publishing, while you focus on creating great music.

And we do more than traditional publishing. We also offer our creatives diverse opportunities across trailers and advertising – extending the potential for success while encouraging our clients to consider musical solutions in different, sometimes surprising, always interesting ways.

As you get to know us, you’ll see that we’ve been in the music industry – on both the business side and as composers, musicians, and artists – for a while. This experience not only offers insight and an outstanding network, it means we personally understand the need to have an ally and advocate who is dedicated to advancing your career.

In today’s music industry, that’s a critical point. The very reason we’re called Angry Mob is because – as the value of music is consistently under attack – we recognize the incredible talent, effort, and passion that go into creating it. So inspired, we fight tirelessly with you every day for its proper value, whether you are an individual songwriter or represent an entire catalog.

Ultimately, when you work with us, everything is transparent (except the ping pong table and a few walls at the office). Seriously, there are no egos here. And we’re terrible liars. We just love music and the impassioned writers behind it. And we love helping great talent succeed.

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