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CRC is an artist management company, independent record label and music publisher, founded by Charlie Larby…
“I’ve always believed that for anyone to be given a fighting chance in succeeding you have to think what will be, not what is right now. It’s the rough diamond approach. For our artists to get the most out of their potential careers, I truly believe we should manage all areas of their ability, passion and sides of their character to bring out the best (of it). As creative individuals, we are all different…some will be prolific songwriters or composers, others studio recording artists, slaves to their craft and then there are those uninhibited live performers carving a career from playing live. Which is we work they way we do and how our management culture operates. Recording artists are able to develop, record and release through our international record label, CRC Records, whilst working along side their writing development and TV, Film & advertising synch licensing with CRC Music Publishing. With this holistic approach and our international infrastructure we are able to support and promote our artist’s strengths in every area of their musical careers.

It’s an approach that challenges the more traditional models in the music industry. Stuck in a crowd of one track minds gives us reason chose a different track and be just as successful. It’s what we do best, which I guess makes us a little disruptive…but that’s a good thing. We create, we build, we release and repeat..”

…start small, grow tall.

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