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Piranha Musik
D-10961 Berlin
Fon: (+49) 30/318 614 40
Fax: (+49) 30/318 614 10

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Piranha - The Story
Swimming among the sharks of the music industry since 1987
The PIRANHA may be a small fish, but it definitely makes its presence known. As an independent company for producing and publishing music, PIRANHA may not be able to swallow its biggest rivals, but it can show them the way: by presenting extraordinary sounds, with a repertoire ranging from traditional to fusion, from classical over left-field to hip hop and electro, with regional concentrations ranging from metropolitan Cairo to the otherworldly Romanian village Zece Prajini.
"It all started", one of the label’s founders Christoph Borkowsky recalls "when I went to Africa in the Seventies to do research for my thesis on resistance movements against German colonialism. The best bits of my field-studies were the weekend parties with huge ghetto blasters, radiating music from Boney M to Dolly Parton. When the batteries wore off, people would start making music themselves. That was cool. Having returned to Germany I soon enough found myself in a state of utter depression, due to the uninspiring atmosphere at the university. It was then that I realised what potential lay in music, in different kinds of music, to sustain one's mental and physical health."
Borkowsky started to organise festivals, the first being a benefit concert for fugitives from Afghanistan with punk bands from Berlin and New York in 1979. It was a sweeping success, fertilizing the embryo for PIRANHA: in 1987 the label was founded and in 1988 "Heimatklänge" (home sounds) began, a major annual event series which ran until 2006. PIRANHA's music publishing house was born at the same time. Piranha Publishing has It's proved to be a great success, resulting in movie soundtracks from both Berlin and Hollywood, half a million CDs for Mercedes Benz, the soundtrack for a Microsoft TV ad and numerous additional projects.

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