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Strictly Confidential Music Publishing

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Strictly Confidential Music Publishing SA/NV
Rue Saint Laurent, 36-38 - 1000 Brussels

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Founded in 1987 Strictly Confidential was initially launched as the publishing arm of the [PIAS] Group. Whilst still maintaining strong links to PIAS, Strictly Confidential has, over the years, evolved into a separate company and is now firmly established as one of the most active leading independent publishers in Europe today with a roster of writers and composers from around the world.

Strictly Confidential has always looked well beyond its borders and that global view is embedded in our DNA. From the company’s head office in Brussels, right at the heart of Europe, Strictly Confidential oversees a worldwide network of partners and sub-publishers. Our A&R, administration, synch and licensing departments all offer a world-class service but with the attention to detail, speed and close support to our artists and labels that comes from our background in independent music. Meanwhile our Paris office provides not only dedicated support for our Francophone artists but acts as a bridge between this hugely important territory and the rest of the world.

As the dynamics of the music industry have fundamentally changed so has Strictly Confidential continued to adapt, and nowhere is this more evident than in our A&R department. As labels’ budgets continue to shrink, more and more it is the role of publishers to find, nurture and develop talent and this is something we believe Strictly Confidential’s team excels at. With a truly global roster our A&R department is always on the hunt for new talent and takes an active role in our artists’ careers, helping them develop as writers, bringing them together with other artists, producers and labels. For us signing the deal is very much just the beginning of the relationship between ourselves and our artists.

Strictly Confidential’s administration department aims to provide our clients with the highest quality of service and is regarded as amongst the best in the world. We are also proud to act as sub-publisher or worldwide administrator for a wide range of significant catalogues. We pride ourselves on offering a truly modern administration service; one fit for the 21st century and open to the many opportunities that exist today.

At Strictly Confidential we are always looking for new ways to exploit our artists’ catalogues and develop new streams of publishing revenues. We are in contact, on a daily basis, with agencies, production companies, directors and music supervisors. From blockbuster movies and hit TV shows through to commercials, best-selling video games and chart topping albums our team has successfully pitched and placed countless tracks from our artists’ repertoire and built up a reputation for creative thinking, fast turnarounds and providing an uncomplicated and efficient clearing process.

Strictly Confidential provides a hands-on service that brings together creativity, reliability, ease of contact and a truly global outlook.

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