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The Sheer Publishing Vision
Our vision is one of a thriving African scene based on expanding existing local markets and an ever-increasing international presence. This will be achieved through a dedicated focus on building and maintaining a small share of the African intellectual property market, combined with a commitment to an ever increasing quality in service, accountability, creativity, performance and professionalism – we are firmly committed to a brighter future.

The Sheer Publishing Mission
To be the first world class publishing company out of Africa

To say the future looks roses for Sheer Publishing would be trite, but nevertheless true. The company has forged a strong identity in the world of South African music since it’s inception in 1995. Headed up by music publisher David Alexander, in conjunction with his Sheer partners Mark Connor and Damon Forbes, Sheer Publishing was originally run on a day-to-day basis by a general manager. Alexander, who has been involved in the music industry since his late teens, and is the founder of publishing company Tequila Music, says “We initially put in a general manager, and as a shareholder I gave advice. But we realized that Sheer and my own publishing company Tequila complimented each other really well, and in 1999 we decide to combine the two.”

Tequila Records was starting to take off with the African Renaissance Series (a retrospective series of music recorded by the South African Broadcasting Corporation during the four decades of apartheid) whilst their licensing agreement with the SABC was also beginning to bear fruit; so a merger of the two company’s catalogues including the extremely credible branding of Sheer, seemed opportune.

Sheer as a company has a strong reputation for its capabilities. As Alexander comments, “There are a lot of synergies. Having access to the staff of Sheer, who are constantly on the lookout for new music is really exciting. It closely resembles my own vision.” Both Forbes and Alexander believe implicitly that enthusiasm for the music is not enough. The latter says, “Damon and I believe that it’s not just a passion for the music but for the people and the country and we want to stay here and make it work. We reinvest into South Africa with excellent content; with everything we produce. It’s something we believe we have to do and hopefully in the long term the return will be even better.”

This philosophy and work ethic has proved important in Sheer Publishing’s growth into the new millennium. Sheer represent a diverse selection of clients, both national and international.

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